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Embark on new boating adventures with Bella 550 R! Its sleek lines and versatile features make it a perfect companion for exploration. Where's your dream destination for a boating getaway? Share your wanderlust below! Read more / lue lisää: Astu uusiin veneilyseikkailuihin Bella 550...

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Bella 550 R: Weight 650 kg + engine Length 5,53 m Beam 2,15 m Fuel tank 105 L Read more: Ketterä niin ajoissa kuin harrastuksissa Paino 650 kg + moottori Pituus 5,53 m Leveys 2,15 m Polttoainetankki 105 L Lue lisää:
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Bella 600 R: Take your family aboard and unleash your inner explorer. With Bella, every journey is a blend of relaxation, adventure, and family fun. Take to the water and make memories that last a lifetime. 🌊⛵ Read more / lue lisää: Bella 600...