The Bella story is one of a kind – a unique development path of a one-man dream that gradually evolved into an international business.

Out of a dream it all began in 1970 when Raimo Sonninen built his very first boat. Driven simply by a passion for boating and determination to discover ways to enjoy it even more comprehensively.

During the next half a century, a lot happened. The operations expanded. The business developed as materials and manufacturing technologies got better.

When you take your Bella out to the waters, you can still sense the young man’s passion. With everything exactly where you expect, every detail contributing to the experience.

That sense of passion never goes away. You find new ways to love boating, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Bella is meant to be enjoyed just the way that suits you best, at any given moment.

Bella 500BR seats and controls.

Today, Bella’s long heritage materializes in various details that have been carefully designed, utilizing our in-depth knowledge. We know what a boater might find useful out there, enjoying a leisurely cruise of a fishing trip with the family.

Bella is as responsive and convenient to drive as any boat of the same size. This allows you to enjoy the ride in a more comprehensive way. Bella takes you where you want to go – almost as if it knew beforehand what to do next.

In the practical design, all available space has been utilized efficiently. Everything is placed in a way that makes sense. There is nothing needless in a Bella, neither is there one inefficient square inch.

We know boating and we have 50 years of successful business under our belt to prove it.

That’s what makes us special, in more ways than one.

Bella boat cruising at full speed.

Bella has always been known for its practical design. This matter of principle has played a fundamental role for half a century as Bella has established a solid, trustworthy reputation of being the smartest choice when it comes to boating.

Our long heritage in building boats that are fit for purpose has formed a solid foundation for our development work. We know what the modern boater requires and appreciates, and we have always been committed to do our very best to fulfil those expectations.

As a member of Nimbus Group, even wider experience and resources are at our disposal when we develop innovative boats that are easy and fun to use, as well as able to provide excellent value for money. Exchanging ideas and proudly borrowing proven practices enable us to make Bella a better boat in every sense. The smartest choice all round.

Bella boat details, reelings.