You must ensure that your boat carries the basic safety devices required by law. Such devices include lifejackets for everyone on board, a bilge pump or baler, oars or a paddle and an anchor with rope. Motor boats with a power of more than 25 kW are also obligated to carry a portable fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 2 kg.

In addition to the statutory devices, carrying the following equipment is recommended:
• Compass
• Distress flares
• Torch
• Binoculars
• Lifebuoy
• Nautical chart or other reliable map of the surrounding waters
• Telephone
• Radar reflector or mirror
• Spare fuel

Also remember to ensure that your boat is registered, inspected and insured. Having your boat inspected will also save money, since insurance costs less for inspected boats. Before setting out, tell your family or another person where you are headed and how long you will be. This will prevent those remaining on shore from worrying unnecessarily. You must also remember to wear a lifejacket and other required safety devices and to act sensibly on the water, take other boaters into consideration and stay on safe lanes.