Boating is about enjoyment and good times, so why don’t we expand our perspective a bit and make it all even more comprehensive? By taking relaxed excursions, looking at the beautiful landscape – and listening to nothing but the sounds of the nature.

Bella Zero can make all that a reality; it is a fully electric boat allowing you to actually hear the sound of the waves, the song of birds and the splashes in the water as the fish swim by.

Life is good on a Bella Zero, and the electric boating experience as natural as it can get. Knowing that it can all happen without noise and pollution, on the terms of the environment and at an affordable price adds further value to it. It makes sense.


Excellent for swimming trips,
transport and excursions
Fully electric – low operation and
maintenance costs
affordable and safe
  • Weight 1000 kg (1250 kg with engine and battery)
  • Length 6,30 m
  • Beam 2,45 m
  • Draft 0,5 m
  • Persons 8
  • CE Category C
  • Engine 96V DC, IP67 class, CE certified
    33kW continuous effect
  • Battery Lithium-Ion, 96V / 270 Ah, 25,9 kWh
  • Speed Cruising 5-7 knots, top 11 knots


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Performance – Bella Zero 6.3  

Operating time (min)

Distance (M)


The engine is speed regulated to 14 knots (35 min driving). Operating time at 5 knots 5,5 hours. Smart speed 5-7 knots.

Engine + battery specifications  


  • 96V DC syncronous electric engine
  • Continous effect 33kW / 45 Hp
  • Bluetooth assistance
  • IP67 class
  • Weight 90 kg
  • Long rigg
  • CE certified electric engine
  • Option, closed cooling system
  • Option, trim and tilt


  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • 25,9 KWh
  • 96 V / 270 Ah
  • 10A or 16A charging current / 220 V
  • Charging time 10A 12 hours, 16A 9 hours
  • 12 V socket
  • IP67 class
  • CE certified battery
  • 160 kg
  • L x W x H 1100mm x 340mm x 430 mm
Questions and answers  

What is special and unique with Bella Zero?

Bella Zero is a safe and reliable boat with electrical driveline at an affordable price.

What is the operating time?

Bella Zero is a boat which should be used in the speed range 5 – 7 knots. At this speed, the battery last for hours (see performance graphs). You can drive faster (10-14 knots) if there is a reason for doing so but the boat is designed low speed. You can charge the battery in a normal 10A socket and it will take 12 hours to fully charge the battery. If using a 16A socket it will take 9 hours.

Where can I see and test the boat?

You can see and test Bella Zero at the different pick-up locations. At the moment there is three locations to choose from and we have three Bella Zero boats to test. In Sweden Flipper Marin and Nimbus Långedrag and in Finland Flipper Market.

Where can I purchase the boat?

Bella Zero will be sold on-line only. You will be able to select from different packages as well as pick up locations.

Pick up locations:
Gothenburg – Nimbus Långedrag
Stockholm – Flipper Marin

We offer an on-water delivery including a one-hour introduction. If you plan to pick up your boat with a trailer, or if you believe you need additional introduction, please contact your pick up location.

What is the total price?

Prices starts at 39,000€ for a basic package

What kind of engine is Bella Zero equipped with?

Bella Zero is using a driveline from Stream Propulsion which is a new brand we strongly believe in.

What is the standard equipment and what are the options?

Bella Zero will be sold with different packages and these packages will soon be uploaded on the web page.

When do I get my boat?

The expected delivery time is in March 2022. You will get an expected delivery date shortly after your purchase.

What is the return policy?

When purchasing online, you have the right to return your purchase within 14 days. The order fee is non-refundable. For details, see Villkor båtköp online.

How long is the guarantee?

The guarantee is valid for two (2) years from the boat’s delivery. If any problems occur please report this to your pick-up location and you will be further assisted.

See the Bella Zero 6.3 Road Show schedule in Sweden  

You can see and test Bella Zero at the different pick-up locations. At the moment there is three locations to choose from and we have three Bella Zero boats to test. In Sweden Flipper Marin and Nimbus Långedrag and in Finland Flipper Market.


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Order Online → Pick up from the nearest dealer!

Bella Zero 6.3 is available online only. Your boat will be available for pickup at a Bella reseller near you. Expected delivery time is in March 2022. 14 days return policy. You pay a 1000€ non-refundable order fee when you order, and the rest later via your preferred method of payment. For details, see Villkor båtköp online.

  • Bella ZERO Order Fee

    Engine 50 HP

    Standard equipment

    • White deck
    • Grey hull
    • Hull protected with vinyl easter raisin
    • Clets
    • Pulpit
    • Automatic bilge pump
    • Manual bilge pump
    • Fender profile
    • Mooring ear
    • Stern swim platform with artificial teak
    • Swim ladder
    • Main power switch
    • Battery box
    • Battery (lithium ion)
    • 12V electrical installation
    • Side panel colour (brown)
    • Plastic wrapping
    • Manual steering
    • Steering wheel D = 55 cm black classic
    • Cushions cockpit, seating and backrest (diamante)
    • Softfloor
    • Table with tableleg
    • Mooring cover
    • Flagpole socket
    • Electronic throttle
    • Steering console with integrated Simrad 5” plotter and engine display
    • New handrails
    • Additional fender hooks

    Optional equipment

    49 000 €

We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.